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Iseng, dapat web ini DOUBUTSU URANAI , Enter the date of birth, and that person's animal character and personality differentiated by colors can be found. Try now and find out! 
This is my result :
You are Purple Koala, who gives an impression of leading a steady life and a gentle person. 

But your attitude is active and can do things that surprise those around you.
You have totally different personality inside and outside. 
When the hidden characteristic suddenly comes out, you shock people. 
But truly, you are natural and honest person. 
You are not pretentious, so people feel safe to have relationship with you.
Nevertheless, you want to make things clear. 
You would say whatever you feel necessary to comment on. 
To those around you, you are an important person, who would advice them on something others would not.
You are rather cautious, and will not easily show your true feelings to others. 
When your pride is badly damaged, you will get angry. 
You take good care of the others, and if something happens to your friend, you will worry about it just as it happened to you.
You are big-hearted person. 
You can be very calculative, but will stop trying very easily. 
In every day life, you are well planned, and are sensitive to interests and bargaining.
Your health tends to be uneven, but you are talkative and energetic. 
You are very active and move around constantly. 
Although you have foresight, you tend to get caught by things that are under your nose, so you should be careful not to extend your activities too much. 
But once married, you will eventually settle down.

this is hubby result :
You are Yellow Cheetah type, who is earnest, honest and a good natured person well liked by all those people around.
Nevertheless, you sometimes like to play tricks like children and therefore, often regarded to be younger than your actual age.
You try to live life truthfully to reach your objective, and are a person of "challenge and seek".
You are a born successor, and the praise you get is always more than the actual effort you have put in.
So you are able to reach a good position in your career, and are able to go into any occupation you wish.
Your natural sensitivity is briiliant; you have an excellent memory and are full of knowledge on many different fields.
Your flamboyant atmosphere attracts opposite sex.
You tend to be a person of pride and little bit self-conscious.
When something unexpected comes up, you can be weak.
But if you can work with the others and do not come up with dogmatic opinion, then ways to overcome the unexpected can be found.
You are prepared to spend money on hobbies, but not on something you are unconvinced.
You are born to be successful in society, but if you tend to be too dogmatic, then that natural fortune will get weaker.
You should be careful especially when you get to the middle age.
You are more suited, and are able to gain success by working on your own, than to work in an organization.

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