Hop hop hop. Totoro!

12:52 PM

Hop hop hop. Totoro!
This is a really cute and fun Totoro toy. Totoro in the rain with his leaf-hat and umbrella is one of my favorite scenes, and now that same Totoro can hop around my table.

It stands about three inches tall and is made of plastic. It looks somewhat like an old tin toy in style, but it isn't. The umbrella is removable, although there is no real reason to take it out. Being an official Studio Ghibli product, the quality is excellent and looks just like Totoro.

The wind-up action is the basic hop-hop-hop you get from any wind-up toy. Nothing too fancy there, you just wind him up and let him go!

It is a nice figure to either play with or display. Definitely sturdy enough to be a child's toy.

It looks like Chu Totoro is off on another adventure! Wonderful gift for all Totoro fans. Very soft to the touch -- perfect for cuddling and squeezing. When in need of a hug, you know where to go! Or if you need someone to listen to your day's events, then you know who to go to as we all know Totoro is a very patient listener. Makes an excellent gift for your child. Size : 6 x 4 x 4 inches


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