Tiny Origamies

10:25 PM

Tiny Origamies made by Rachmi, my office colleague. She's half Javanesse and half Buginesse, and she will be married to a man she love on the coming July 12th.

Rachmi loves to make Origami, any kind of it. She told me, once, there's a boy she secretly adored who is expert in making heron from paper. Actually, Rachmi already knew how to make such heron, but she let him to teach her how to make the heron and enjoying her time around him. Yet, the boy is not the man she's going to marry.

But her fondness to make origamies never fade away. The herons here, folded from colorful papers, prove her crafty fingers. I hoped they are not the last herons she ever made, since she will be having a "real heron" of her husband! =)

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